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These Health Calculators are tools for measuring your health risks. Choose a category you want to assess for yourself and click on the title of the questionnaire. Most of the questionnaires are available as on-line calculators, which are anonymous. After completing answers on the on-line test, the "calculator" will provide a brief report on your risk level. Whether using the printable version or the online calculator, you can print and use the results as a way to describe your symptoms and concerns to your urologist.

These questionnaires are only tools and not to be used for self-diagnosis. Please consult a physician if you have any concerns about these conditions or these test results.

Test for risk of: For men or women? Description of test To take the test,
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Enlarged prostate
men This Health Calculator was developed by the American Urological Association to assess a man's voiding symptoms as a possible indicator of enlarged prostate or BPH. The score obtained at the end is only an indicator. BPH Calculator
[OR printable version]
Prostate Cancer men If you know your recent PSA score (a blood test measuring risk of prostate cancer), you can use this calculator to further understand your risk level for developing prostate cancer. This Health Calculator will give you your PSA rating adjusted by age and race. PSA Age/Race Calculator
Prostate Cancer men If you know your PSA test results over time, you can enter those test results into this calculator for an additional understanding of your risk level. This profiler looks at the rate of PSA change over time to determine if the change is faster than would be predicted by normal aging. PSA Velocity Calculator
Continence/ Bladder control women or men After answering questions about your bladder control symptoms, you will be shown a brief report that shows the percentage of likelihood for each type of incontinence that you may have. Continence Calculator
Male Sexual Dysfunction men If you think you may have difficulty with sexual function, the Sexual Health Inventory for Men will help you determine if your symptoms warrant a consultation with a urologist. Sexual Health Inventory for Men [OR printable version]

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