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Bladder Control Center of Norwalk

Bladder control and leakage of urine problems are usually treatable and yet many people do not seek treatment. To ease your access to all your treatment options, we decided to devote special attention to this hidden epidemic by opening a specialty program just for bladder control concerns. In July 1999, our physician, Dr. Scott Serels, opened the Bladder Control Center of Norwalk. The Center offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment options.

In our society, urinary leakage is more prevalent than Alzheimer's disease or osteoporosis. Both men and women experience this problem, and it has a considerable effect on one's quality of life. Individuals are uncomfortable because they are constantly wearing wet pads and complaining of poor hygiene. Some are afraid to socialize while others are forced to limit their physical activities. Though the leakage of urine is both prevalent and bothersome, most people are reluctant to seek help either because they are embarrassed or are not aware that therapy is available.

At the present time, there are a plethora of treatment options available for those suffering from urinary leakage. These are comprised of both medical and surgical therapies. In addition to urinary leakage, there are indeed other urinary problems which affect individuals.

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Common Urinary Complaints:

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In order to identify these problems correctly, it is necessary to perform intricate testing.

Possible Diagnostic Tests:

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As stated before, bladder problems are terribly debilitating and affect many Americans. Fortunately today, there are a whole host of options available to treat such urinary problems.

The Treatment Options Available Today Include:

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To Learn More About Bladder Control

To learn more about bladder control, leakage of urine/incontinence, and the many diagnostic and treatment possibilities, click on this link to begin your exploration: Bladder control. From that starting page, you will find links to more information on incontinence, diagnostic procedures, treatment options, and more.

To Contact the Center

Dr. Scott Serels and the other staff at the Bladder Control Center of Norwalk are available for all your bladder control questions and concerns. We can be reached at the same number as our general urology practice, 203.853.4200. Dr. Serels looks forward to helping to improve your quality of life.

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12 Elmcrest Terrace, Suite 1
Norwalk, CT 06850
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Tel: 203.853.4200
Main Fax: 203.854.9285
Bladder Control Center
Fax: 203.299.1938

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